Bill+Ted’s Excellent 35th Anniversary! POSTPONED – NEW DATE COMING SOON

Hey, Hollywood and Los Angeles area B&T Fans! Get ready for a most triumphant event being held in Hollywood celebrating the 35th release Anniversary of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

Hosted by Flynn’s Live, tickets for a night Live music, DJ, Open Bar, amazing guitar giveaways from Foo Dog Customs, and free passes to WATERLOO! That’s right, the actual Water Park seen in the movie, Raging Waters in San Dimas, is providing free passes to the 2024 Season!

Cosplay is encouraged to take advantage of the Photo Scenes around the club, and don’t forget to visit Billy The Kid’s Old West Saloon on the Back Patio, dude! EXCELLENT!

Image created by Bryan Johnson Creative, used without permission.

Collaborating with Foo Dog Luthiery, we are building replicas of the first guitars the 6-string slingers are first seen with in the Excellent Adventure series. The two legendary axes will be given away during the event to two lucky B&T Fans, and are as close as we can get to having the original guitars, Bill’s Murph Squire 11-T classic surfer guitar, and Ted’s Ibanez 2375N Strat. GOOD LUCK!